About Travis Krieg Painting

Travis picked up his first paintbrush at 2 years old, but it took a little while until he was a competent painter. By 10 years old he was pretty close!

Not surprisingly, Travis’s dad was an Adelaide house painter for 40 years and was happy and proud to teach his son, no matter what age, everything he knew.

When he was old enough, Travis completed his apprenticeship and training with the family house painting company in Adelaide, and it seemed that residential painting was his destiny.

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Travis Krieg - Adelaide house painter

Skills &

Over the following years, Travis worked for various painting companies, learning new skills and techniques, and experienced different approaches, clients, and situations.

Taking it all onboard, he decided to try his hand at some solo residential house painting jobs and set up a house painting company in 2014.

Travis’ popularity grew very quickly, and the increasing demand saw him hire his first employee in 2015.


Travis Krieg Painting is now made up of a team of 5 people who love painting and the satisfaction of a job perfectly executed.

This team has been carefully created by Travis, and as a result he has ended up with a fun, happy group, who work perfectly in sync with each other like a well-oiled machine.

Building client relationships and providing premium quality painting services are the driving forces behind Travis.

But the love for painting will always be there. He is never happier than when he is armed with a brush and is painting with his team.

Travis Krieg - master painter Adelaide

Travis Krieg



Travis Krieg

Pride is the biggest aspect of our work. Whether it’s a rental property or an exclusive estate, we take great satisfaction in a painting job well done, each and every time.

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